A Crisis Within A Crisis: Save the OffShore Energy Industry

Unite, along with our sister unions in the OCG, recognise the acute crisis facing the UK oil and gas industry in wake of price wars and the impact of Covid-19. With the future of the offshore oil & gas industry acknowledged to be in jeopardy, now is the time to act for: Direct Intervention, A Just Transition to A Low Carbon Industry, UK Energy Security & Self-Reliance and, A Meaningful Voice for Offshore Workers .

Unite is calling for robust immediate action that will protects jobs and communities whilst allowing for a Just Transition to a greener economy. State intervention has been proven to be effective to stop the economy from collapsing via the Job Retention Scheme. We believe that both Governments should act now to avoid a catastrophe in the offshore energy sector.

By signing this petition you will be demonstrating that you are backing Unite as we call, variously, on the Westminster and Holyrood Governments, as well as key industry bodies, to work with the offshore trade unions to achieve:

1. Direct state investment in the sector via low cost loans to operators. This will make the UK Government “equity partners” in any future operations

2. OGUK and the Government to at once honour and speed up their “Roadmap to 2035” commitment to maintain North Sea employment at 135,000 jobs.

3. Proper collective bargaining with unions now and when transitioning to greener industries (including a meaningful trade union voice in relation to the introduction of New Tech and Automation).

At Section 2 there is an option to allow the union to send an e-postcard to your MP on your behalf. Please read through Section 2 and make your decision based on the info outlined there.

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This Unite campaign is also asking you to send an e-postcard to your elected representative at Westminster. Most of the regulations that govern the offshore oil & gas industry are “reserve matters” – which means that the Scottish Government does not have powers or jurisdiction over the industry.

The wording of the postcard is outlined above and on the recently published flyer (full details can be found on our website: https://www.uniteoffshore.net/

There are three options with regards writing to your MP as part of this vital aspect of our: Save the OffShore Energy Industry. 1. You can write to your MP yourself. 2. You can elect to only sign the petition and not contact your MP at all. 3. We can arrange for an e-postcard to be sent to your MP if you check the relevant box below.

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Union Membership

During these very difficult times it is more important than ever to be a member of a trade union. The UK trade unions were instrumental in securing some of the major UK government interventions to support workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Such interventions included the furloughing arrangements that currently remain in place across the country.

Locally, in your workplace, you can benefit from trade union membership as we fight back against redundancies and for proper health and safety measures during this time of crisis.

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