About this consultation

Please read the attached document before completing the survey- https://www.healthandcareresearch.gov.wales/uploads/Public/Discover_your_role_in_health_and_care_research_2019.pdf

Health and Care Research Wales is seeking views on the ambitions we have set out, and how they can be achieved as part of developing, undertaking and promoting health and social care research in Wales. We will be doing this in two ways:

1. Consulting with a wide range of individuals and groups, using a short questionnaire to get feedback; and

2. Establishing a Community of Practice, offering an open invitation for groups and individuals interested in this work to attend a series of events that will help create the plan for actions and activities to make the ambitions a reality.

This survey will be open until 27 November 2019. Responses will be held by Health and Care Research wales and contact details will not be shared further with any other parties.

We will be reviewing responses submitted via the survey on an ongoing basis throughout the consultation period, and will be feeding in ideas and suggestions from survey responses into the discussion at Community of Practice events. We therefore encourage people to respond to the survey at the earliest opportunity, and are happy to receive multiple responses from individuals/groups throughout the consultation period.  

Colleagues from Health and Care Research Wales will be meeting with groups and individuals about the ambitions during the consultation period, in addition to hosting a series of Community of Practice open events.

The Community of Practice events will be held during October, November and December 2019. More information on the exact date, timing and agenda for the events will be available on the Health and Care Research Wales website found here: https://www.healthandcareresearch.gov.wales/discover-your-role-consultation/

If you would like to contact Health and Care Research Wales about this consultation, or to register your interest to receive more information about the Community of Practice events, please email DiscoverYourRole@gov.wales

20% of survey complete.