Have your say on PAH going smoke free

Princess Alexandra Hospital would like your views on becoming a smoke free site from 1st October 2017.   As an NHS Trust, we have a duty to promote measures that improve health. We are keen to hear your thoughts and invite you to complete the survey below.

Following the amendments to the Health Act 2006, many hospitals across the country have become smoke free. We therefore want to provide a smoke-free environment across the hospital site and we see this as a positive step towards creating a healthier environment, which will also reduce the harm caused from both smoking and second hand smoke to our staff, patients and visitors. We also want to encourage and support individuals who want to stop smoking and will therefore provide support accordingly.

* 1. Are you a:

* 2. Do you smoke?

* 3. Is it acceptable to allow people to smoke in the hospital entrance or grounds of PAH?

* 4. Are you in favour of PAH becoming smoke free? Yes or no

* 5. How can Princess Alexandra Hospital ensure the smoke-free policy is followed (pick one or more)

Thank you for your views and co-operation. 

Princess Alexandra Hospital
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