Thank you for taking the time to consider this survey.
The link to the survey has been sent to people with dementia living in the UK to see if we can get a better understanding of how the experience of having dementia may impact on driving. We think this is a very important matter, but in fact very little is known about what people with dementia themselves feel and think about this issue.

Information collected cannot be linked to individual people and will not be shared with other organisations e.g. DVLA

So, the survey will ask you about your experiences of driving. We will use the information collected from everyone to identify the main problems that people with dementia face in relation to driving. We think this will lead to a better understanding of the impact of dementia on driving and these findings may also help direct future research in this area.

Though we are specifically looking to capture the views of people with dementia, support can be given from a relative or friend to complete the questionnaire. A relative or friend can also complete the questionnaire on behalf of someone with dementia. If so, there will also be an opportunity at the end of the questionnaire for relatives or friends to express their views. Only one questionnaire per household is needed to be completed.

This survey has been developed by a group of clinicians and researchers in the NHS who work in the area of dementia. Please be assured that there will be no way to link the answers given to individual people. No identifiable information, names or personal information will be used at any stage. Any reports produced at the end of the research will not be able to tell who gave the information. Your participation is entirely voluntary and you do not have to take part.

All NHS organisations (including Health & Social Care in Northern Ireland) are expected to participate and support health and care research. The Health Research Authority and government departments in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales set standards for NHS organisations to make sure they protect your privacy and comply with the law when they are involved in research. Our research ethics committees review research studies to make sure that the research uses of data about you are in the public interest, and meet ethical standards.

The main contact for the research is Steve Dodds, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (NHCFT).

If you would like to discuss the research further, or have any questions, please contact the NHCFT research team on 0191 293 4087.

The questionnaire may take around 20 minutes depending on your responses. We greatly appreciate your time in advance.

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