Welcome to the first online East Kilbride Sports Club Member Survey!

East Kilbride Sports Club strives to provide the best possible environment in which to play, coach, watch or socialise around sporting activities, .

We would like to invite you to take part in this important survey to gain your thoughts, opinions and input to future club developments.

Your views are valuable to us as we all work hard to make the Sports Club a better place to engage around sport.

This survey is primarily aimed at the views of adult members, not least as we don’t have email addresses for our junior members.  However, should any junior members (below aged 18) or their parents who are not members of EKSC wish to complete it, we would be very happy to accept a survey from them!

We would be grateful if you could complete this by Monday 5th March. 


We wish to assure you that the information provided will be treated as confidential and only used for the purposes of this research.

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* 1. What is your age group and gender?

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* 2. Please select all sports sections of which you are a member?

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* 4. How often do you come along to the club, and for what purpose? Please select all that apply.

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* 5. How far by car do you live from the club (by car/public transport)?

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* 6. Please tell us what you feel about the following statements?

The Club’s facilities meet with my expectations & needs

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* 7. Do you have a disability or additional support needs?

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* 8. In the next two years, what should be our priorities? 

Please choose your top 4 in order of importance.(1 being the most important)

  Priority number 1 Priority number 2 Priority number 3 Priority number 4
Pay off debt & then invest in facilities
New clubhouse
Refurbished changing rooms
Refurbished small lounge
Better playing facilities
Provide better food/snacks
Improve/expand parking capacity
Allow access to gym during day
Expand weekday opening hours
Extend access to disadvantaged groups
Increase members
Increase the number of sports available

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* 9. Select all those areas where you think the Sports Club Committee is doing well:

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* 10. What do you think we could do to be a more successful and higher profile club in the wider East Kilbride community?