Digital IT Transformation Programme

Wandle are working to make our services more accessible, convenient and easy. ThisĀ is why we want to start a conversation with you. Our Digital IT Transformation Programme is looking to get your input, understand what matters most to you and where you think our focus should be. We will use your responses to determine priorities we set ourselves, to ensure we meet your needs.

The survey closes on the 17th of June 2018.

* 1. On average, how often do you contact Wandle?

* 2. How do you contact us?

* 3. What were the reasons for your contact?

* 4. From the contact you made with us, do you think this could have been done online if the function was available?

* 5. In your experience of working with us, what areas do you think we should focus on bringing online first?

* 6. Do you want to know more about and be involved in our digital journey?

* 7. Are you happy for us to contact you if we require further information?

Thank you for your feedback.