Making places for innovation, education and health

* 1. How often do you visit a university or healthcare campus for activities other than learning or healthcare?

* 2. Which campus do you most regularly visit? (please choose one)

* 3. Which of the following activities have you done on a university or healthcare campus in the last 12 months? (other than formal study or health treatment)

* 4. What activities and facilities would you like university or healthcare campuses to offer to the wider public?

* 5. Do you work in a knowledge career? (e.g. education, research, health, innovation)

* 6. Are you a student in higher education?

University and healthcare estates and buildings are increasingly opening up to the wider public, offering a greater range of spaces for caf├ęs, exhibitions, events and knowledge exchange, among other uses beyond learning and healthcare.

Thank you for taking our survey - this will help us continue our research for future studies.