Welcome – young people

Thank you for taking part in this survey on our first aid learning resource. Please share what you think about learning first aid and we’ll use your ideas to help shape the future of first aid education for young people. Please note your answers are completely anonymous.

* 1. Please select your age group.

* 2. What's the name of your school?

* 3. Which of the following best describes how often you’ve used the First aid learning for young people (FALYP) resource during your first aid lessons?

* 4. Please select all the words you would use to describe your first aid lessons.

* 5. Please tell us what you think of the resources you might have used in your first aid lessons.

  Don’t like Like a bit Neither like or dislike Like Like a lot Not used
Bystander activity (someone not helping another person)
First aid confidence scale
First aid quiz
First aid skill guide
Group activities
Learner zone
Role plays

* 6. Please finish this sentence: ‘I think the FALYP website is’

* 7. Please finish this sentence: ‘I think the look and feel of the FALYP website is’

* 8. What else would help you learn first aid? Please put this list in order, with 1 being your favourite. Drag and drop the options to create your list’

* 9. Have you used the FALYP resource outside of a first aid lesson?

* 10. Since learning first aid, have you used any of your first aid skills to help someone?

* 11. How likely are you to share your first aid learning with your family and friends, where 0 is very unlikely and 10 is very likely?

* 12. 'I think all young people should learn first aid' Please tell us whether you agree or disagree with this statement.

* 13. Please tell us any other comments you’d like to share with the British Red Cross.