This survey is designed for our customers to provide feedback which will help us to grow as a business, while continuing to offer the same great service and products. We want to know what our customers like about our products, and also what they don't like, so we know where we can improve.

This survey is for Custom Corsetry customers only. We also have a survey for all customers, which can be found here.

* 1. How where your measurements taken?

* 2. If you took your measurements yourself, how easy did you find our online instructions to follow?

* 3. How useful and easy to follow did you find our Corsetry Styles & Pricing Guide?

  Very Acceptable Not Really Not At All
Easy to Follow

* 4. What kind of corset did you have made?

* 5. When you received your finished corset, what did you think of the following?

  Very Poor Poor Fair Good Excellent
How it Fits
How it Looks
Quality of Construction

* 6. Did you choose any of the following corset upgrades? If so, what did you think of them, when your corset arrived?

  I hate it I don't like it I have no strong opinion I like it I love it I didn't choose this upgrade
Laced Hip Gussets
Carbon Fibre Boning
Faux Whalebone Boning
Double Boning
Wide Boning
Reinforced Front
Busk Placket / Hidden Busk Closure
Modesty Panel
Functional Lacing

* 7. Did you consider purchasing your custom corset from anywhere else? If you chose us over a competitor, please tell us who they were and why you chose us instead.

* 8. What do you think of the price of our custom corsetry service?

* 9. Would you buy more custom corsets, or other made-to-measure products from The Little Blue Gem?

* 10. Do you have any other comments that are not covered elsewhere in this survey?

EG, do you have any comments regarding how the ordering process online works, that would help me to improve how easy it is to navigate, read, etc? Do you have a review of the store?

This question is not mandatory, but we'd love to hear from you!