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Thank you for taking part in our First aid learning for young people survey; it should only take 5 minutes to complete.

We’d love to know what you think of the resource; how you deliver first aid education to young people and any recommendations you may have for future developments.


* 1. Do you have a registered account for the First aid learning for young people resource (FALYP)?

* 2. If you answered no - What would make you consider registering for the resource?

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* 7. Please select the age group(s) that you use the FALYP resource with. Select all that apply

* 8. Which subject or programme do you deliver first aid as part of most frequently?

* 9. How frequently do you use the FALYP resource in your first aid teaching with the same group of young people?

* 10. What is the average amount of time you would spend delivering first aid during a lesson?

* 11. How would you describe your first aid lessons? Select all options that apply.

* 12. In your opinion, how engaged do you feel your young people are with learning first aid?

* 13. Please indicate how useful you find these online resources when delivering first aid education?

  Not very useful Somewhat useful Fairly useful Useful Very useful Not used
Confidence building activities
Concluding/ reflective activities
Curriculum links document
Educator first aid skills guide
Educator resource introduction
First aid quizzes
First aid step-by-step guides
Interactive first aid confidence scale
Knowledge-building activities
Learner evaluation reports
Role plays
Starter activities

* 14. Please rate how easy or hard you find the FALYP resource to use.

* 15. How would you describe the level of preparation required to use the FALYP resource?

* 16. Please complete this sentence: 'I think the quality of the design look and feel of FALYP is'

* 17. What else could further support you to deliver first aid education using FALYP? Please rank these tools and resources in order of importance, with 1 being the highest priority. Drag and drop the options to create your list.

* 18. How likely are you to recommend this FALYP resource to colleagues, where 0 is extremely unlikely and 10 is extremely likely?

* 19. Please share any other comments or feedback about the First aid learning for young people resource.

* 20. Would you like to receive more information about participating in a British Red Cross focus group about this resource and the future of first aid education?