Future Diocesan Accommodation Requirements Consultation

At its meeting on 27 January 2017, the Bishop’s Council was briefed on a number of emerging pressures on the Diocesan Office and the Retreat Centre at Bishop Woodford House in Ely.
The Council has asked to invite comment from stakeholders from across the Diocese on the future use of the Barton Road site and its possible redevelopment. If you have views, we should like to know them.

* 1. Personal details (please leave blank if you wish to keep your feedback anonymous)

* 2. Please tell us your age

* 3. How many times have you visited BWH for the following purposes in the past year? (please tick all that apply)

  0 1 2 3 4+
Diocese event
Diocese meeting
Board of Education event
Board of Education meeting
Attend overnight retreat
Attend a Day of Reflection

* 4. Has your church or organization used space at BWH in the past two years for its own meeting, training or retreat?

* 5. If you answered “no” to question 4, please say why, ticking all the relevant answers below.

* 6. Please rate the following facilities at BWH, compared to what you expect to find in a commercial conference facility or university.

  Poor Average Good Excellent
Audio-visual facilities
Internet connectivity
On-site Parking
Transport Links
Chairs & general furniture
Disability Access

* 7. How many times have you stayed overnight at BWH in the past year? (Please count each night stayed as a separate time), and please indicate on the matrix how satisfied you were with the accommodation.

  Not at all Average Good Excellent

* 8. How satisfied were you with the cost of the accommodation you stayed in at BWH?

* 9. How satisfied were you with the catering facilities at BWH?

* 10. If you visit BWH in the future, how pleased would you be to find the following.

  Not at all A bit Average Pleased Very pleased
Fairtrade Café
Access to on-site kitchen
Full audio/visual facilities
Fast public WIFI
Additional meeting spaces
Additional parking spaces
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