The City of London Corporation has launched a consultation on its gender identity policies. The organisation already has workplace guidance on transgender equality for staff. But the City Corporation has decided it wanted to ensure services it provides do not discriminate against trans people.

Edward Lord, Chair of the Establishment Committee, which leads on the City Corporation’s workforce and inclusion policies, said:

“We are looking into creating an over-arching policy on gender identity for the City Corporation. We will draw on the expertise of relevant organisations in a consultation covering our public services provision and employment practice. We would like to hear from all interested groups as part of the consultation. Our vision is to build and support strong, sustainable and cohesive communities by ensuring all our policies are fully inclusive.”

Source: City of London 09th July 2018: https://news.cityoflondon.gov.uk/city-of-london-corporation-to-launch-a-new-consultation-on-its-gender-identity-policies/

This is the survey re-written by #ManFriday.  We will submit the responses to this survey to the City of London Corporation for them to consider as part of their consultation. However, it is not endorsed by the City of London in any way. If you want to take part in the official survey, please click here: Official consultation

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