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Community Members are:
(a) Any social enterprise or not-for-profit organisation delivering or planning to deliver community energy projects, with a membership drawn primarily from the communities they serve; or
(b) Any social enterprise or not-for-profit organisation set up primarily to support the delivery of community energy projects;
(c) Community energy projects are those that are owned and controlled wholly or partly by a social enterprise or not-for-profit organisation and whose benefits are distributed beyond those that are investing financially in the project; and
(d) Social enterprise and not-for-profit organisations include: Charitable Incorporated Organisations, Charities, Companies limited by Guarantee, Development Trusts, Community Benefit Societies, Co-operative Societies, Community Interest Companies, Community Associations and unincorporated entities intending to incorporate as one of the above.
Corporate Members are public or private for-profit companies, firms or partnerships, which do not meet the requirements for Community Member.

Public Members are other organisations which do not qualify as Community Members or Corporate Members are considered to be Public Members, and in particular:
(a) National government departments and agencies
(b) Local authorities and other local government departments and agencies
(c) Housing associations and other representative bodies
(d) Non-Governmental and other representative organisations