1. Survey objectives and process

Thank you for taking this survey and giving the BIA your input to the UK government's Life Science sector industrial strategy. This survey focuses on the performance of elements already in place and delivered by public agencies. We are particularly keen to get the practical experience of them by UK SMEs.

The purpose of the survey is to

1. Understand the performance of the UK translation system today, and how it can be improved
2. Get feedback on government funded support structures (TTOs, Catapults, NHS bodies)
3. Get your input into some new policy options that Innovate UK is exploring
4. Crowd source great ideas that if scaled would drive translation

The survey results will be analysed and shared in aggregate, so your responses are confidential.

Most of the survey is multi-choice. There is no right or wrong answer – we want your opinion.
The methodology relies on the “wisdom of an expert crowd”, so please choose the response that is closest to your opinion.
These take about 15-20 minutes.

There are some optional open text sections which provide an opportunity for more detailed input should you wish. In the interests of your time, please provide a focused response. A clear clause or two, not an essay.

If you have a more detailed policy idea or proposal you would like to share, or any questions, please send it directly to the consultants running the work on our behalf at survey@netsimple.net.

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