We're living through unprecedented times, where strong and decisive leadership makes all the difference for organisations, workforces and communities being served.

It's more important than ever to discuss the state-of-play in local government, particularly due to the current strains and stresses upon us.

As such we continue to conduct our research, in partnership with the MJ and the LGA, through our annual Chief Executive Survey exploring the priorities and aspirations of CEXs in local government.

Over the past 12 months, what were your own learnings, where did you find push-back on important agendas like culture change, and what do you think the future holds?

If you take part in the survey we’ll share with you the full findings which will also have our data added showing the talent demands and issues for 2021 and beyond.

All responses will be treated confidentially: information will be aggregated, and no individual or authority will be identified in any publications without your consent. Identifiable information may be used internally within Penna, the MJ and the LGA, but will only be held and processed in accordance with our privacy statement.

We hope you will take part.

Kind regards,

Julie Towers, Mark Lloyd and Heather Jameson
Penna, LGA and The MJ

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