Raising a Well-Rounded Teenager

We want to work together with you to invest in your child’s future.

Do you sometimes feel it is a roller coaster ride living with a teenager?   We know it can be a challenge, so we have decided to team up with external professionals experienced in delivering parenting sessions to offer parents/carers support. 

We are planning to host some evening parenting courses at the Academy. These will be free and totally voluntary. 

Because parents/carers of teenagers all have different needs, we want to give you the right amount and type of support. Hopefully you will get a lot of useful and practical tips and a chance to meet other parents trying to navigate their own way through similar challenges.

If you are interested in attending, please complete this survey so we can start tailoring these classes to your needs. The data collected will only be used in school and is completely anonymous.

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* 1. What days would be best for you? You can pick more than one.

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* 2. What time of day would be best for you? You can pick more than one.

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* 3. What is the maximum number of sessions you would be willing to attend?

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* 4. What sessions would you be interested in? Please tick as many as you wish.

Thank you.