HCSA and other unions and organisations concerned with the welfare of Junior Doctors were united in opposing the 2016 Contract Review outcome promoted by the BMA.

HCSA has published its concerns in detail regarding the new contract, as has the Doctors' Association UK group.

This deal will affect all Junior Doctors now and in future, whether in HCSA or the BMA, or no union at all. It will also influence the shape of contract talks for other grades.

By signing an agreement where the decision to accept is based purely on BMA membership, its authors have agreed that thousands of doctors affected should be left disenfranchised. The result is inevitably a partial reflection of true sentiment among Junior Doctors.

We are asking you to add your voice to HCSA's in rejecting this deal, and in support of reopening the negotiations. Our aim is to achieve proposals which fully address the needs of Junior Doctors, and the serious problems they face every day at work.
I, the undersigned, am concerned that the reasons for opposing this deal are serious and numerous, including the four-year pay constraint at its heart, and the failure to tackle big problems such as the broken exception reporting system.

The official assessment of its implications on equality – one of the key issues within the original dispute over the 2016 contract – compares only that bitterly contested, imposed contract with the review deal, rather than the pre-2016 terms.

I share the view that the JD 2016 contract review proposals fail to address the problems which have emerged under the original imposed contract and contain unacceptable restrictions on the real value growth of future pay.

I believe it is essential that every Junior Doctor has a say in the shape of the contract that will effectively rule their working lives.

I want to see a better settlement. There should be a reopening of the negotiations to produce a better framework for the JD contract.

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