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Thank you for your recent visit to our Merlin Blackpool Attractions. We hope you had a great visit! 

Please can you spare a couple of minutes to provide us feedback on your visit. 

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Blackpool Cluster Team 

* 1. How did you find out about a trip to our attraction?

* 2. What is your order number? (should start with MCC or BTH)

* 3. Which attractions did you visit?

* 4. Overall, how did you find the booking process?

* 5. Did you manage to locate all the information you needed for your trip?

* 6. How would you rate your trip based on the following?

  GREAT As expected Not good Terrible  No Opinion
Attraction experience
Using the attractions' facilities
Value for money 

* 7. Did you receive a A5 school certificate for your pupils/students (KS2 or below)

* 8. Did you place a retail or food and beverage order pre-order?

* 9. Have you downloaded or used any of our free pre and post visit resources?

* 10. Is there any educational product, lessons or package that you think we could add to our provision?