HWCP - Hartcliffe Farm

Bristol City Council have agreed to include 3 key principles in the Expression of Interest that any organisation interested in taking ownership of the site would need to demonstrate.
Whilst all the following are important HWCP would like to understand what are the 3 most important principles to the community so we can tell Bristol City Council.

Closes Midday 5th August 2020

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* 1. Please look at the statements below and put them in order of importance to you. 1 being the most important and 6 being the least.

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* 2. In the last year have you visited the Farm site or any of the other facilities on the site? If yes, what did you visit?

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* 3. Can we contact you if there are other opportunities to have a say in community activities and assets? If yes, please leave contact details. We will not share these details with anyone other than HWCP.

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