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* 1. We support the London Living wage as a minimum and our textiles recycling is competitively priced compared with London’s traditional waste managment services.

With recycling as inexpensive as 32p pence per kilo of waste, Cushn Company is one of most cost effective ways to deal with your offcuts.

Up to 50 kilos of textiles waste can be collected at one time, this is by carbon neutral courier for a fee of £15.

Alternatively you can arrange a free drop off of waste, to our Stoke Newington Studio.

What would be the average amount of textiles waste you would produce? This includes, toiles, offcuts, samples, scraps, etc.

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* 2. How often would you require textiles waste to be collected?

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* 3. Who is your current waste management service provider for general waste and recycling collections?

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* 4. Did you choose your service provider or was it arranged by your landlord as part of your rent agreement?

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* 5. Cushn Company would prefer to reuse luxury textiles offcuts, saving it from the recycling shredder. Up-cycling textiles waste saves precious energy and gives textiles a second life, making the most of beautiful fabric.

Please confirm your cutting room is happy to support our efforts to reuse as much textiles waste as possible.

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* 6. Would you be happy to include your brand logo on our marketing and a social channels to promoting the new recycling partnership?

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* 7. Do you ever have lengths of end of roll fabric that you would like reused as a new cushion cover, plant hammock, or similar?

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* 8. We love to promote the environmental efforts of the cutting rooms that we partner with. Are you happy to be included in press and social media regarding how you have stopped textiles being burnt?

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* 9. We would like our customers to be able to look up the original use of the textiles waste used to make their individual product.

This would be a simple online list of brands, original use of textiles and a unique cushion number.


Cushion #00073 - costume, TV advert, Jackob’s Crackers

Cushion #00074 - accessories, fashion editorial, J’AM Magazine

Cushion #00075 - end of roll, AW12 collection, House of Peek

Cushion #00076 - offcuts, sewing school, Thrifty Stitcher

Cushion #00077 - offcuts, SS18 sampling, Nasty Girl

Would you be happy to include your cutting room name and logo in the online library?