School Transport Survey 2017

100% of survey complete.
We are currently reviewing our school transport services for bringing students to school in the morning.

We would like to establish the level of interest from current and prospective parents for adding afternoon services at the end of the school day and additional routes. If there is sufficient demand we will investigate extending our services.

Girls need to be in P6 or older to use our transport service. Girls who are in P3 to P5 can use school transport if they are accompanied by an older sibling or older friend. 

Please complete this survey if you currently use our school transport service or you are interested in using it in the future.

If you are a prospective parent, please also complete the survey if you think you may be interested in using it in the future.

* 1. Are you a current parent or a prospective parent?

* 2. How important to you is having access to school transport to and from St George's?

* 3. If you currently use our transport service or you are likely to be interested in using it in the future, please indicate which route.
(Full details of our transport routes are on our website at

* 4. If you are a current or a prospective parent, are you interested in an afternoon service for our existing services leaving school at 5.45 pm after clubs? If yes, please indicate which route from the list below.
(Full details of our transport routes are on our website at

Please note: If your daughter is younger than our Lower 4 year group (S1 equivalent) and you are interested in an afternoon service, she will need to attend St George's after school care if her club or after school activity finishes before 5.45 pm

* 5. We would like to know the level of interest for additional transport routes. Please indicate whether any of the following transport routes are of interest to you.

* 6. What is your postcode and your nearest town or village?

* 7. Any other comments