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Important Participant Information

Thank you for participating in our survey. Below you will find information about why we're conducting this study and how we protect your right to privacy.

Information about the prize draw will be provided at the end of the survey. 
Who is the researcher 
Emily Barker with support from Katherine Hill who both work for 4in10, London’s Child Poverty Network. She can be reached at

The research is funded by Trust for London and City Bridge Trust 

To understand what the experiences of low-income families are when considering and accessing early years childcare across London. We want to know how the entitlement schemes impact their experiences and access.  

Who will use data and how 
The researchers may use this data to develop a report and campaign that advocates for an improvement of services and better investment in the sector with particular emphasis on the needs of families who may experience or be at risk of experiencing poverty.  
We may share the data anonymously on social media, in written form. We may attach a generic descriptor to a quotation, for example: 

 ‘There is a playground near my work’ -parent in Greenwich  

‘My child loves going to the park with her friends’ -mother of 2-year-old  

We will never use your name or age or your child’s name. We may reference your location in London, the age of your child and the gender of your child. But you are allowed to request that we not do so.  

Who will have access to data and how data is stored and for how long 
Emily Barker and Katherine Hill will have access to the data. It will be stored until August 2026 

Potential risks 
This information may trigger memories that lead to difficult emotions. We have a few support services to recommend that can offer professional support to take care of your mental health.  

Samaritans or SANEline

And for practical support, we recommend you contacting Citizens Advice Bureau

There is a risk of sharing personal details that might feel invasive. This is why we will store your personal information securely. We will share your experiences anonymously and we will destroy your data before or by August 2026.  

Right as a participant 
To take a break: If you need a break for any reason, please do so. If you want a break to process some emotions or just have a rest, we support that right.  

To stop: You have the option to stop or change your mind about participating in the survey. If you don’t complete the survey, then your response will not be stored.  

To withdraw: You may decide to change your mind and withdraw your contribution to this project. That is always your right. If you participate in the survey, we may not be able to identify your data because it is already anonymous. However, we can try to identify it and remove it. If you participate in a focus group or 1:1 interview, you can contact us and we will delete your data and not use it in publications, campaigns or any other output.  

By continuing with this survey, you agree to the information and processes mentioned above.

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* 1. If you think you might want to be able to withdraw your data from the research, even after you've completed it, you can do that - giving us your name and a ID number of your choosing will enable us to do that on your request

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