Yes, your opinion matters to us.

Please would you take a few moments to rate the following shows in order of preference (where 1 is favourite and 4 is least favourite). This opinion should be based on your interest in either wanting to audition for the play and/or wanting to pay to see it.

As it is 200 years since Jane Austen's death, we have included a production of one of her novels to celebrate this anniversary. We have also included 2 thrillers, as it will be performed around Halloween, and one comedy as a contrast.

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* 1. Rank the following shows in order (where 1 is most favourite and 4 is least favourite)

Question Title

* 2. If you have any suggestions for future productions, please include them here.

Thank you for your opinions and your time. We will let you know the results of the survey via our website and social media. Watch this space!