Survey Information

Coventry and Warwickshire Council, Partnership Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups are working together to look at waiting times for a neurodevelopmental diagnostic assessment for Autism, and/or ADHD.

Why are we asking you to fill in this survey? 

We want to hear your views on ways we could reduce waiting times for an assessment for Autism, and/or ADHD and how we could be better at supporting people who are waiting for an assessment.

We want to hear from:

  • People waiting for an assessment
  • Families and carers

In this survey, we will ask you about:

  • Why you or your family member are looking for an assessment
  • What support would help you or your family while you wait for an assessment
  • Your experience of the service and support you have used

If you could fill out this survey, it would be really helpful.

We won’t use any names, so what you write will be private (anonymous).

Please send us your views by the 10th March 2021.

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