Community Consultation

We have been running a consultation project where people have been discussing ideas for the future use of the Pavilion once the renovation is complete.  This consultation is about the themes that have emerged from these discussions

* 1. By far the most popular suggestion is a cafe/restaurant/bar. Should this be:

* 2. Sustainability is an important priority for any community project.  Here are some of the ideas on income generation for the Pavilion.  In order of preference, please choose the top three (choose N/A for the remainder)

* 3. Given the nature of the town & distance from the town centre, what are the pros of running a community cafe / restaurant / bar in the Pavilion

* 4. Remembering this is a community project, one major theme is education.  Please choose the top four classes you would pay to attend (choose N/A for the remainder)

* 5. We currently run an outdoor event equipment hire service, mainly to other community groups.  Would you be interested in hiring any of the following?

* 6. Do you know about the Youth Canoe Club based on the Pavilion.  It has been running for 30 years, entirely by volunteers, giving access to over 600 young people each summer for a minimum of 3 hours canoeing on the River Wye.

* 7. To ensure sustainability of the Canoe Club, how would you rank the following ideas.

* 8. We have discovered the Pavilion & Castle Green are generally accepted as being neutral space particularly by the large number of young people, with a wide variety of interests who use both, particularly in the summer.   Please comment on the pros & cons of the building attracting such numbers & how can we retain the youth element through the development process.

* 9. Are there any other ideas or comment you have regarding the Pavilion

* 10. And finally some questions about you.