Self Assessment 2015

After a brief hiatus, it’s back, and we enclose 10 more questions to educate, delight, infuriate and antagonise you all. There are no official CPD points, but you can self certify, and we encourage you to do so. I suggest that if done properly, this should account for about 5 to 6 hours work, including reading around the subjects.
Ideally, we encourage you to complete all 10 questions via SurveyMonkey link before downloading the answers pdf. Once you have completed the questions, you can access a CPD certificate.

We are very grateful to all of you who submitted questions, and if we did not use your question this time round, it may well appear in future exercises. And for those of who feel the questions are too dull/pedantic/hard/easy/wrong/bizarre, then put your typing where your mouth is and send me a question or two, we are always in need! All comments welcome.

Richard J Davenport May 2015
TEC Chair (on behalf of TEC)

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