The Labour Party has launched a consultation on how best to protect and improve the State Pension following their manifesto commitment to “ensure dignity and security in older age”

The consultation seeks to gather the views of older people across the country, and their experience of the State Pension. Responses to the consultation will complement the Pensions Commission that Labour established at the beginning of 2017 and will feed directly into the development of Labour Party policy.

Later Life Ambitions would like to hear about your experience of the State Pension. This short survey will help us frame our response to this consultation, and ensure that your views are  properly reflected.

* 1. Would the State Pension be sufficient to live off without additional pension income or social security support?

* 2. What are your views on the New and Old State Pensions?

The New State Pension applies to those who retire after April 2016. Under the new system, pensioners will receive £159.55/week if they have a minimum of 35 years NI contributions. Pensioners who retired before this date receive a maximum of £122.30/week, which can be topped up by an Additional State Pension.

* 3. What are your views in the adequacy of the Basic State Pension?

* 4. How important is other social security support for pensioners, such as the Winter Fuel Allowance and Pension Credit?

* 5. Would you like the opportunity to opt out of receiving Winter Fuel Allowance?

* 6. What are your views on the Triple Lock guaranteeing a minimum of 2.5% annual increase to the State Pension, or higher if average earnings of CPI inflation are above 2.5%?

* 7. What are your views on the current plans to increase the State Pension Age to 68?

* 8. Do you support proposals for a more flexible approach to the state pension age, for example a retirement age based on an individual’s ‘healthy life expectancy’?

* 9. Should the Government help low income groups to make higher contributions to an occupational pension to complement their state pension income?