Which UK Music Festival should you head to this year?

We’re looking forward to this summer’s festivals, when the weather is warmer, the days are longer and the music takes to the outdoor stages! Camping, beer, delicious food and the best music…we can’t wait! To help you decide which festival to go to take the quiz below and find out!

* 1.
You've just arrived! The first bands are on! What do you do?

* 2.
We all know festivals can involve large amounts of mud. What is your footwear of choice?

* 3.
It's getting pretty hot! How do you cool down?

* 4.
What festival foodstuffs do you eat to keep you going?

* 5.
You're going to need a drink to go with that! What are you having?

* 6.
Whats your festival headgear of choice?

* 7.
And finally...how long can you go without a shower?

* 8.

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