Belladrum is over for another year. We would love to hear your feedback...

* 2. Which of the following festivals will/did you attend in 2017?

* 5. How old are you?

* 6. How do you identify your gender?

* 9. On which sites do you have a profile or are registered with?

* 11. How would you rate the quality of the food and drink offered at the festival?

* 12. How much money you estimate you spent on food and drink at the festival?

* 13. How would you rate your overall experience at Bella?

* 15. Not including the festival ticket, please estimate how much you spent individually while at the festival

* 16. VIP Hielan Coo Club. Would you buy tickets at approx £47.50 adult and £25.00 for kids under 12 for VIP area which has undercover seating area, posh loos, bars, coffee and more? 

* 17. Would you like your VIP ticket to buy you extra benefits such as annual membership of a club which arranges trips to gigs, discounts and camping weekends for members?

* 18. Our Clean Fields campsite costs nothing extra but is for people who take all their camping gear away, tidy away all their rubbish, don’t disturb others and look after each other. Would you want to camp in this area next year?

* 20. Who are the top three acts you'd like to see at Bella 2018?

* 21. Do you have any other comments/highlights?