We love digital content such as brochures! Here's why... 

They are up to date and accurate 
It's happened to us before, we print thousands of brochures or price lists, the information is updated and our printed collateral is useless. With a digital brochure, we can update it as soon as new information is available with no cost or waste. 

They are available instantly
If the event is cancelled or the dealership is closed, you can still access the information without having to wait. 

They are far more exciting
With high quality images, videos, links and interactive elements - there's so much more to bring to you than we can with printed materials.

They are better for the planet
Printing thousands of brochures each year has a huge environmental impact on the planet which we need to take care of. Not just printing, but also distributing and disposing of them all comes at an environmental cost.

They are more useful
With digital brochures, we can see how long you spent reading it, which page you spent the most time on, if you shared it etc. so it really does help us improve the information we put out.

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* 1. With the above information in mind, please tell us which format of brochure you would prefer?

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* 2. If you purchased a car or similar item recently, did you view a printed brochure before the purchase?

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* 3. Where would you go to find out information about a new motorcycle you plan to purchase? Tick all that apply

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* 4. Did you know that you can view the Kawasaki Full Line Brochure online?

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* 5. If a printed brochure was not available to you, would that affect your purchasing decision for your next motorcycle?

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* 6. If you received a printed brochure prior to the purchase of your next motorcycle, what do you do with the brochure after your purchase?

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