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* 1. Consent:

Please read this participant information sheet carefully.

Please ask any questions you may have before you decide to participate in this research.
Purpose: The purpose of this research is to:
·       find out more information about the problems faced with existing face protection

The results of the research will be used to:
·       inform the generation of product requirements
·       to help the design team create new products to help solve the issues highlighted. 

What you will do during the research:

During the research, you will be asked to answer questions related to your experiences when moving from one area of a building to another. 

Risks: During the research, you will encounter minimum risk.

Cost: You will not be asked to purchase anything and there will be no other costs involved.

Participant Termination: Your participation in the research may be terminated at any time if it is determined by the research coordinator that your continued participation would subject you to an unreasonable safety risk or if you are unable or unwilling to follow the instructions provided to you during the research.

Confidentiality: Records identifying you will be kept confidential and, to the extent permitted by applicable laws and/or regulations, will not be made publicly available. If any information about this research is published or shared for educational purposes, your identity will remain confidential.

In addition, research monitor(s), auditor(s) and applicable regulatory authorities may be granted access to your original research records for verification of user research procedures and/or data, without violating your confidentiality, to the extent permitted by the applicable laws and regulations. By signing the Informed Consent Form, you are authorising such access.

Voluntary Participation: Your participation in this research is entirely voluntary. You may withdraw your consent to participate at any time without any prejudice. Refusal to participate will involve no penalty or loss of benefits to which you are otherwise entitled as a participant. If you decide to consent by signing the Informed Consent Form and participate, you are free to withdraw your consent and discontinue participation at any time without any penalties. Under certain circumstances, ENG4Healthcare may discontinue the research.

If you have any complaints regarding the research, or if you have questions about your rights as a study participant, you may contact:

Name of person responsible: Peter J Ogrodnik
Contact details:

 If you agree to do so (last question), you will be contacted by the research moderator via telephone and asked questions related to this study.  Your moderator will take notes and may ask additional questions. The research will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

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* 2. Please indicate your age

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* 3. Please indicate your gender

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* 4. What is your occupation

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* 5. Think of the face protection you wore during your covid experience. For each one enter the make followed by a colon and then either the best thing about it or the worst thing about it or something that you never met before.

For example - 

MyCo (surgical mask): fluffy inside made it hard to breath after 1 hour.

You can enter up to 3 comments, so think about this carefully to give - say 1 good and 2 bad - or 5 bad, or you can enter just one comment.

Format for answer

Face protection make (style): Bad or Good comment, or something you never met before.

Comment 1

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* 6. Comment 2

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* 7. Comment 3

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* 8. In general, what was the worst and/or best thing you could say about a particular item of face protection?

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* 9. Are you willing to be contacted for a telephone interview

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* 10. If you answered yes to a telephone interview please enter an email address where we can contact you

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