* 1. Do you feel that your child/children eats a balanced healthy diet?

* 2. Can you describe what your child/children eats for breakfast.

* 3. At break times we want to offer a range of healthy options. Which of the following would your child/children eat?

* 4. lunchtime meals - which of the following does your child/children have:

* 5. for your evening meal do you feel that your child/children eat a range of vegetables?

* 6. About how often does your child/children eat fast food?

* 7. When eating a snack at home, which of the following is your child/children likely to choose?

* 8. Are you concerned about your child/children's body weight?

* 9. Thank you for completing the survey. Do you feel you will be able to support a healthy eating policy at Coppice Primary and Nursery School?