In a meeting in October Bishop Richard sketched-out for us his vision for the future of the diocese (mission, prayer, formation). He is confident that we, as a diocese, can make the necessary changes that are needed for us to work successfully with fewer priests in the future. But changes will be necessary – and this is a joyful moment of opportunity and faith. There was much discussion about the vocation of the lay faithful: what is your vocation and how do you seek to live it out? Watch this video to see Bishop Richard talk about this important activity and below view the slides presented by Bishop Richard in the October meeting both of which can be found on the Cathedral's webpage.

Map of Arundel & Brighton Diocese

Map of Arundel & Brighton Diocese

Current map of the Cathedral Deanery

Current map of the Cathedral Deanery

* 1. Given the mission entrusted to us all, what three things do you think we most need for mission - effectiveness?

* 2. What roles in this Mission can be best carried out by the lay - faithful? 

* 3. What do we need to start putting in place now to continue this Mission
into the next decade and beyond?

* 4. What roles in this Mission belong to the Priest?

* 5. What factors, do you think. have brought about the present situation that we are having to address in our Diocese?

* 6. Would you be inconvenienced if you had to travel 5 miles or more to Mass? If so how? How would it affect you if you couldn't attend Mass every day? What would you do instead.

* 7. What are the particular needs, opportunities, strengths and
weaknesses we have in fulfilling the Mission of the Church here in
Arundel and Crossbush? What support do we need

* 8. If we were starting today with 3 priests to serve our Deanery (that’s Midhurst, Petworth, Duncton, Billingshurst, Pulborough, Storrington, Arundel, Crossbush, Bognor Regis, Slindon, Rose Green Chichester, Bosham, The Witterings and Selsey) where would you place them?