* 1. What business sector are you in ?

* 2. Do you live in Dartmouth

* 3. Overall, how satisfied are you with Dartmouth as a place to work ? 

* 4.  How would you asses the last 12 months of business ?

* 5.  How would you asses visitor/customer numbers in the last 12 months ?

* 6. What has helped, or not helped you in the last 12 months ?

  Negative effect No change Positive effect
Marketing of your business
General economy
Marketing of Dartmouth generally
Social media
Website ? SEO / Pay per click

* 7.  What is your business confidence for the next 12 months

* 8. What would help your business ?

  Not important Doesn't matter Important
TIC promotion of Dartmouth
Increased promotion of Dartmouth
Better weather
Local events & festivals
Business help & advice
 Improved infrastructure (roads / parking / public transport)
 Community involvement
 Business & social networking (in person)

* 9. What would you like to do in the next 12 months

  Not interested Interested Very interested
 Growth with marketing
 Use social media for targeted marketing to your business
 Increase staffing levels
 Relocate your business
  Sell your business
 Develop your products and/or services

* 10. Would you like to see public money used to promote :

  No Not too sure Yes
 Dartmouth as a quality tourist destination
 Dartmouth as a place to live
 Dartmouth as a place to relocate your business

* 11.  How many people including yourself do you or your company employ part time of full time ?

* 12. Is your turnover above or below £50K ?

* 13.  Would you like to employ an apprentice without lots of paperwork ?

* 14.  How long have you operated your business in Dartmouth ?

* 15.  If you are the owner of your business, what age group are you in ? 

* 16. Do you regularly export ?

* 17. Do you regularly import ?

* 18.  Do you offer your employees any formal training ?

* 19.  Have you in the last 5 years received any grants or similar ?

* 20. Is the Internet relatively essential to your business ?

* 21.  How quickly do you respond to customer emails ?

* 22.  Do you have your own up-to-date website ?

* 23. Does your business take credit cards ?

* 24. For the growth and well being of Dartmouth, how do you rate the following ?

   Not important  Fairly important Very important
Design & planning
Riverside development
Economy & employment
Social care facilities
Green space & nature
Pedestrians & traffic
Street life
Heath services
Public space
Public transport

* 25.  Do Cruise Ships benefit your business ?

* 26.  Do you think Cruse Ships generally benefit Dartmouth ?

* 27.  Would you like to see a few more Cruise Ships ?

* 28.  OPTIONAL: Your business name
Your details will never be given out to anyone, your survey results will not be added to the final result unless we can be sure you are a trading Dartmouth Business