The IoF has launched a Manifesto for Change as part of the Change Collective – a movement committed to promoting and increasing equality, diversity and inclusion in the fundraising profession - and this is your chance to be a part of it. 

As a vital first step we need your support to find out about the current make-up of the fundraising profession so that we can track areas of progress, better understand the barriers that exist in our profession, and work out what we, and our members, can do to work towards a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

This survey is for all fundraising charities - even if you are a sole fundraiser in a charity, we encourage you to participate - you can skip any questions that aren’t relevant to you.

In order to fully complete the survey you will need the data on the composition of your fundraising team and knowledge of your organisational practices, so it’s probably easiest to complete in collaboration with your HR team or function (if you have one). Even if you can't provide all the data we're hoping for, we still want to hear from you! With all the information to-hand the survey should take around 20 minutes - responses are saved after each page is submitted so you are welcome to exit the survey and come back to it later.

The survey will remain open until 18th January 2019. If you have any questions about the survey and research, please contact lizzie@institute-of-fundraising.org.uk 

We appreciate that we are asking you for some time and effort to provide all the information - we are committed to this area of work and can only succeed with your help and contribution.  Thank you for taking part

All personal information will be kept confidential with limited access by IoF staff. We have turned off all identifying tracking meaning that we cannot identify respondents unless you choose to give us your details within the survey. Any reports we publish will be completely anonymised.

This survey is being conducted by the Institute of Fundraising (the data controller) - our full privacy policy and contact details are here.

We use SurveyMonkey to host the survey on their websites – you can see their privacy policy here.