To coincide with Internet Safety Day on 9th February, please fill in this short survey. It will help us understand how young people in Lancashire use the internet and how safe you all feel.  

* 1. How old are you?

* 2. Please select your sex

* 3. How long do you spend online each day, including watching videos, gaming, social media, online video calls and messaging? Please don't include online activity at school.

* 4. Which of these websites, apps and social media accounts do you use?

* 5. Which social media account do you use the most?

* 6. What concerns you about your online life?

  Yes Sometimes Never
Being befriended by strangers
How others may see you
Your popularity
Impact on your future
Images of you being shared
Security and others accessing your accounts
Being pressured to do things
Seeing content you don't want to see

* 7. Are you really worried about any of the below?

* 8. If you see something that you don't like, who would you speak to for help and advice?

* 9. Please select the nearest town or area to where you live

Thanks for taking part in this survey