You are taking part in a research project called: The longer term impacts of Covid19 on independent living for Disabled people. This study is being done by Shaping Our Lives. This survey is only for d/Deaf and Disabled people. Disabled people are people with sensory, cognitive, neurodevelopmental conditions, learning disabilities or physical impairments, mental health issues and people with long term health conditions.

We encourage anyone who takes part to download a copy of the Research Information sheet from our website and keep it for your records before starting the survey . If you have any questions please contact Becki Meakin, General Manager at Shaping Our Lives:
Mobile phone - 07956 424511
Email -

There is no involvement payment offered for completing this survey. Taking part is voluntary, and you can drop out at any time.  You can skip any question.

There are 10 small sections in this survey with a few questions in each. Many of the questions have a choice of answers and just a few ask you to add some of your own answers. It should take no longer than 20 minutes.

Your answers will be kept anonymous. What you and other people tell us will then be used to tell people in national and local government the support d/Deaf and Disabled people need to get back to living independently, feeling safe and confident.

We do not ask for your name or address, but we would be grateful if you would answer some optional monitoring questions at the end. This will help us to make recommendations.