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The City of York Council have been busy reviewing all existing bus stops and identifying where improvements need to take place. Some improvements are obvious and where these have already taken place, we hope these are making a difference for those that use them. We are also aware of needing to take into consideration those that would consider using a bus and what is important to them.

The York Bus Forum, York Disability Rights Forum and Age Friendly York have teamed together to find out what citizens think the priorities should be. We already have feedback from previous surveys and those views are being included in this work. Those views also informed the decision to focus on improving bus stops. To help us prioritise time and resources, we have a few quick questions for you.

Please note, we are aware that there are also things about the bus routes and infrastructure that also need reviewing, however at this stage we are focusing on the bus stops.

Our survey asks for some personal information which you may choose not to give. We do not publish or share any information which can identify you. Please read our privacy notice to find out more about how we protect your personal information. We will ask for your consent to this at the start of the survey.

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