The IoF, along with NCVO and CFG, and supported by PwC, are working together to understand the current and future financial impact of coronavirus on the charity sector. We are asking for information on the direct financial impact and updated financial forecasts for the year ahead, as well as insight on how much Government support your charity has been able to access. Your response to this survey is hugely valuable; we need to know as much of this information as possible so that we can continue to make the case to Government for support to the sector.

To fill the survey out you will need knowledge of your charity's finances and budgets, as well as an overview of how your charity has responded in the crisis so far. We know you might not have the time or information to answer every question so please skip what you can’t answer, although every response and piece of information will be helpful.

If you have the figures to hand on income, it should only take around 20 mins to complete and the survey will be open until 25 May 2020. The information you provide will only be seen by IoF, CFG, NCVO, and PwC who are again supporting us with this survey. All comments or figures of individual charities will be kept confidential and no personal data will be shared.
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