1. The Variations of Sex Characteristics and Intersex Survey

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This survey is for those with a Variation of Sex Characteristics  (Difference of Sex Development, Intersex Variation of Sex Characteristics) only.
This survey will take  roughly 1 hour to complete. We understand that this is a big ask. As this is the first survey of its kind in Scotland, it is rather extensive. This is necessary in order to gain an in depth understanding of related issues. We hope you will be willing to take the time needed to complete and we appreciate the commitment. We encourage you to give as much detail as you are able and willing to within the open answer questions. This will help us greatly in our understanding.
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What is this survey all about? 

The Equality Network would like to know your views and to understand the lived experience of people living with variations of sex characteristics in order to help ensure that these experiences are taken on board by the Scottish Government and other policy makers in Scotland.

We are aiming to gather information in order to create a holistic picture of experiences of living in Scotland with a variation of sex characteristics.

We appreciate that parents or legal guardians / carers, family and friends will also have their own views on issues however, this survey is explicitly designed to gather an understanding of the lived experience of individuals who identify as having a variation of sex characteristics or an intersex body. It is looking to gather information from individuals living with a variation of sex characteristics only. We acknowledge that some individuals may require assistance in filling the survey in. We hope that only their own experiences will be represented here however. 

The Scottish Government have said that they will run their own consultation on these issues at some point, and we recommend completing this also when it is published.

The Scottish Government will also hear your voice if you complete this survey. We will analyse the results and publish a report, which will help inform Scottish Government and other policy makers. The report will be fully anonymised, and no one who replies to this survey will be identified in any