You are invited to participate in a questionnaire conducted by the Women’s Department and the Women Transport Workers’ Committee of the International Transport Workers’ Federation. This questionnaire looks at attitudes and practices around gender (in)equality, harassment and domestic violence in the transport industry.  You are being asked to participate because you are a union representative/official.

This survey is for women and men union representatives/officials, aged 16 and over, and will ask you what you perceive are the significant issues in your union around gender (in)equality, discrimination and violence.  It will ask you about union action such as relevant campaigns, training and collective bargaining provisions as well as employer policies and national laws and/or regulations on these issues.

Please do not complete this questionnaire if you are not a union representative/official.  We have a separate survey for transport workers and this can be obtained here.  Please also contact if you would like to get more involved in our campaigns for a safe and fair transport industry for women workers.

Why your views and experiences are important

When combined with the voices of other union representatives/officials, the information you tell us about attitudes and practices around gender (in)equality, sexual harassment and domestic violence in your union will provide valuable evidence for trade union action.  It will support trade unions to campaign for progress and build greater influence over key decision makers on employment policy and practice, including through collective bargaining.

We believe that transport workplaces should be equal, diverse and inclusive; free of discrimination and violence.  Following ITF equality testing surveys carried out in 1997 and 2007, this research will identify improvement or regression on attitudes and practices around gender equality in transport workplaces.

If you agree to participate

If you agree to participate in this study we estimate that it will take you about 15 minutes to complete.


All information collected for the study will be anonymous. The information will be used for research purposes only, and no information which could identify you will be used in any publication or presentation of the study results. Unless you choose to tell them, no one, including your employer, supervisor, co-workers or union representatives will know whether or not you have completed the questionnaire.


Your decision to complete this questionnaire will be taken as informed consent to participate in the research.

We ask that you distribute this questionnaire to your colleagues who are also union representatives/officials.