Dear teacher educator,
The aim of this survey is to learn more about the digital competences of teacher educators in Initial Teacher Education. By ‘teacher educators’ we mean, the lecturers and tutors who are teaching either primary and/or secondary (all subjects) student teachers to become the next generation of future teachers.
The survey is part of the ITELab project (Initial Teacher Education Lab) which aims at developing pedagogical digital competence in Teacher Education. The questions are based on the European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators (DigCompEdu) and the TET-SAT tool developed by European Schoolnet.
The survey is for teacher educators in initial teacher education institutions ONLY. It comprises 12 items and should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. There are no right or wrong answers. The questionnaire is entirely anonymous; your data will be treated in the strictest confidence. It will only be viewed by personnel working on this project, will not be forwarded to third parties and will be used solely for research purposes.
Your answers will help identify key competence areas for teacher educators and their overall self-assessed strengths and weaknesses. The results will be published on the ITELab website in early 2019.
If you have questions regarding this survey, please contact Eli-Marie Danbolt Drange at the University of Agder, Norway:
Please complete the survey by 30th November 2018.
Thank you in advance for your participation.
Privacy statement: survey data is collected by EUN via this online questionnaire you are requested to complete. The data  is entirely anonymised (no name/email/IP identifier). The data will only be used for research purposes to help develop recommendations. The research will be carried out by ITELab partner, the University of Agder. The data will be sent to them for analysis. Research data, i.e. data which does not contain any personal identifying data may be kept for a longer period of 5 years. By completing the survey, you consent to the collection of the data.
ITELab (Initial Teacher Education Lab) is a Knowledge Alliance project between higher education institutions and industry to foster innovation and knowledge exchange in initial teacher education (ITE). Project number: 575828-EPP-1-2016-1-BE-EPPKA2-KA. It is co-funded under the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme from January 2017 to December 2019. The survey reflects the views only of the authors and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use that may be made of the information.