Ten months after its launch, are business continuity managers using the ISO 22316 organizational resilience standard? Has ISO 22316 started an increase in the uptake of organizational resilience, or is it simply a damp squib? This Continuity Central survey aims to find out…

* 1. What size is your organization?

* 2. Your location:

* 3. Are you aware of the ISO 22316 organizational resilience standard?

* 4. Have you read ISO 22316?

Skip questions 5, 6 and 7 if you have not read the ISO 22316 standard.

* 5. What is the overall quality of the ISO 22316 standard?

* 6. How easy was it to understand the ISO 22316 standard?

* 7. After reading the ISO 22316 standard did you understand how you could practically implement it in your organization?

* 8. When it comes to organizational resilience in general, what is your organizational attitude…

* 9. If you have time, please elaborate on your view of organizational resilience...