In 2013, ISEAL launched the Credibility Principles – a globally applicable set of core values that underpin effective and credible sustainability standards. 

ISEAL is currently reviewing the Credibility Principles in order to determine if and how they should be revised in 2020.

The goal of the review is to understand
  • how the Credibility Principles have been used and adopted,
  • how the sustainability landscape and stakeholder expectations have changed,
  • whether the principles apply to the broader range of sustainability tools we see today (including data-led approaches, jurisdictional or landscape approaches, and capacity building or improvement programmes, in addition to sustainability standards), and
  • whether there are other important factors that determine credibility as a result.
The findings of this survey will contribute directly to this review.

For more information on the Credibility Principles visit our website.

In order to help us ensure that we are reaching a balanced and representative group of stakeholders during this review, please provide the following details. Please note that survey results will not be publicly attributed. 

The survey takes up to 30 minutes to complete. Thank you for your time.

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