1. World Energy Council's Issues Monitor

The Council’s Issues Monitor identifies the strategic energy landscape of specific countries and regions through an analysis of 42 issues affecting the energy system. Ultimately, the results are used to advance energy policy, track progress of our energy transition, and compare challenges and priorities regionally and globally.

You may review last year’s results on this link.
Collection will close on October 15th, 2019.
This short survey will capture your perception towards key issues affecting the energy sector on three dimensions and should not take more than 20 minutes to complete:

  • Impact – How strong do you perceive the potential impact of the issue (e.g. nuclear) to be on the energy sector in your country? This impact may be positive or negative.
  • Uncertainty – How unsure are you about the selected issue in terms of its impact on the energy transition?
  • Urgency – How soon do you think the energy sector in your country needs to react to the issue?
All survey data collected are confidential and will not be shared at any time.
Before we start this survey, we would like you to answer the following 3 questions:

Question Title

* 1. What Sector do you represent?