Important Information

Thank you for applying for membership of the IMA. If you encounter any problems with this application, or have any questions, please contact us at or on 0113 242 0048.
Before you begin your application, please read the following important information:
  • If you wish to apply for Associate membership, you will need your organisation’s Firm Reference Number, which will link to your organisation’s FCA permissions. Our Membership Rules require that you have the appropriate FCA permissions for the work you do (unless your organisation is exempt).
  • IMA membership is personal and individual and cannot be transferred to any other individual.
  • After reviewing and approving your application, we will issue you with an invoice for your membership fees. Your membership will commence when payment of these fees is received by the IMA. You will be able to provide a purchase order number during the application if required.
  • Membership lasts for 12 months.
  • The Institute is unable to provide refunds for memberships that are cancelled before the end of the term.
  • Membership is only granted to the individual on the basis of information declared in this application or subsequently notified to and acknowledged by the Institute.
  • Members are required to notify the Institute promptly of any changes to address, work role or the organisation for which they work. Material changes may affect your membership status and, where applicable, DRO intermediary approval.
You are about to start your application for IMA membership. If you exit the application before the end, your information may not be saved.