1. Welcome to 2018's Instalment of the World Energy Issues Survey

The Issues Survey forms the basis for the World Energy Issues Monitor, a report which presents a snapshot of how the energy landscape is perceived by energy leaders across the world. The Issues Monitor provides valuable analysis on emerging trends, issues that require priority action and energy leaders’ top uncertainties.

It is vital to complete this survey as it will provide a more accurate picture of the issues affecting the energy sector globally and in your country. The survey is centred on three indicators (Impact, Uncertainty and Urgency) which are used to map the 42 Issues energy leaders face. 
  1. Impact – How strongly do you perceive the potential impact of the issue (e.g. nuclear) to be on the energy sector in your country? This impact may be positive or negative.
  2. Uncertainty – How uncertain are you about the impact of the issue?
  3. Urgency – How soon do you think the energy sector in your country needs to react to the issue? 
All survey data collected is confidential and will not be shared at any time.
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