1. Introduction

Welcome to the 2022 annual IIM Interim Management Survey - our 13th edition.
Whilst this year remains impacted by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, we now also have the first full year view of the IR35 changes across all sectors.

We have listened to your feedback and made a number of changes including a significant reduction in the number of questions; a reduction in the number of questions with more time consuming free text answer options and simplified and clarified question language. We estimate the changes made will bring a reduction from last year's average 27 minutes to around 20 minutes this year.
Every response matters and having a high response rate makes this the best view of the UK interim market

Should you have queries or comments about the content or question clarity in the survey, please email charles.stuart@iim.org.uk in the first instance. Your feedback is also welcomed at the end of the survey.
Tony Evans CIIM
Institute of Interim Management
Survey Timing

The scope of this survey is the twelve-month period from May 2021 to April 2022.

The survey is now open, will run throughout May and closes at Tuesday May 31st at 23.59 pm.

The Survey ISP tier winners will be published on Monday July 4th from 8.00 am on the IIM's LinkedIn Group and Twitter.

The main Survey Report will be published on Friday July 15th at 8.00 am on the IIM website.

Participants will notice the that the Survey has a 'skip' question (Q64) before the interim service provider (ISP) questions asking if you wish to complete the ISP pages. A 'No' answer will take you directly to the end of the survey, missing the ISP questions altogether, for a quick survey feedback question before pressing the 'Done' button to submit all your survey answers.

Please note, the survey must be completed in one session (we estimate about 20 minutes), as it is not possible to save a mid-point and return at a later day/time.


This survey is only for Interim Managers and Executives, broadly defined as independent people operating at or near board level who are 'normally' on gross day rates of £500+ (or gross equivalents for PAYE, Fixed Term Contract (FTC), or project fees basis), except for certain Public Sector interims (e.g. NHS) with gross rates sub-£500 equivalent per day.

If you are otherwise a contractor (sub-£500), a prospective interim manager, an interim service provider or client, then we have no questions for you at this time (but thanks for coming by).

Personal Data and Privacy Policy

For your reassurance, all survey answers are completely confidential and secure.

In 2021, just over 50% of respondents (up from 40% in 2020) opted to provide their name and email address for survey data validation purposes. In this  2022 survey the IIM again asks for your consent to use your name and email address for the following purposes and benefits:

Annual Survey
  • Enhanced validation of survey participants to assure the quality of the survey findings for all contributors and the interim industry as a whole (as every year since 2019)
  • Emailed link to the final published survey report in July, including the ISP results
    Please note, the IIM will not link your contact details in any way to your survey answers.

    • Invitations to participate in topical areas of interest to interims through events, webinars, newsletters and the like
    • IIM news of major changes benefitting interims and the interim industry.
    You may opt out at any time. It is in all our interests that we do not spam people. You can also check/verify your personal data at any time by contacting the IIM Data Controller using dataprotection@iim.org.uk.

    The IIM does not sell nor release personal information to third parties. Your name and email address remain 100% confidential and is used solely for the purposes above.

    On with the survey!

    Charles Stuart MIIM & Martin Chisholm MIIM
    Survey Authors

    Tony Evans CIIM

    Ad van der Rest CIIM
    Author Emeritus

    Institute of Interim Management
    Accelerating Interim Success