Deadline: 20 September 2020

Member Organisations are invited to submit nominations for candidates to the Board of IGLYO before 20 September 2020 by completing the form below. The list of candidates along with the nomination forms will be circulated to Member Organisations according to the regulations of the statutes.

Please note that this form may be used to nominate only one person to run for election to the IGLYO Board. The information requested will be used as part of the procedures related to the election of the board members and this information will be circulated to Member Organisations and the delegates. All sections in this form must be filled out.*

*If you have specific access requirements and you require an alternative application and submission format, please contact us at  

Please note that official representative of the nominating Member Organisation must complete question 2 of this form.

For a nomination to be valid, the candidate must fit the following criteria:

• Be between 18 and 30 years old at the time of election (25 September 2020)
• Be officially nominated by a Member Organisation of IGLYO (Important: Candidates cannot be nominated by member organisations based in Germany, Ukraine or Georgia) as according to IGLYO's current statutes no 2 board members may represent organisations based in the same country - Statutes art. 17).
• Provide all the required information in this form

Additionally to the criteria above, we urge candidates to consider other requirements that being part of IGLYO's Executive Board entails:
• Ability to provide around 10 hours of work per week on average, mainly responding promptly to a high volume of emails and working on specific projects (event organising, statement drafting, fundraising, online meetings)
• Ability to work in English
• Ability to travel once every two months on average (all travel and subsistence costs will be covered)
• Ability to work remotely as most of the work will be carried out online.
• Previous experience or engagement with IGLYO.

IGLYO also strongly encourages member organisations to think about the diversity of the LGBTQI community when selecting delegates and/or candidates. We particularly encourage participation and applications from women, non-binary and/or transgender, and intersex people, LGBTQI persons of colour, persons from ethnic minorities and indigenous people, persons with disabilities and persons from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

We want to make this application as accessible as possible so if you would like us to make any arrangements in this respect let us know.

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* 1. Personal Details

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* 2. Member Organisation Nomination

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* 3. What is your motivation to become an IGLYO board member? (limit 300 words)

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* 4. Tell us about your experience in LGBTQI and/or youth activism and the specific roles you've taken on. (limit 300 words)

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* 5. Tell us about your existing knowledge and experience of IGLYO. Please include details of any IGLYO events or meetings you have attended or any other activities, such as working groups, you've been involved in.  (limit 300 words)

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* 6. Tell us about any experience you have of being on a board or similar relevant experience, such as governance, financial management, organisational development, leadership.  (limit 300 words)

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* 7. Are you available to attend the Board Meeting to be held in Brussels between 05/11/20 - 09/11/20 (travel dates included)

Candidate Speech

As this year's Members' Meeting will happen online, all candidates should also submit a recorded speech lasting between 1-3 minutes to before the application deadline. These speeches will be presented during the meeting and posted online, so members can view them before voting for their board choices. We suggest that your speech includes some information about yourself, your relevant skills and experience, and your motivation, but it is entirely your choice what you include in your speech.

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* 8. I understand that to be included in the final list of board candidates for election, in addition to completing this application form, I also need to submit a recorded speech. If you require any assistance with this, you can contact the IGLYO team at