Deadline:  6 December 2020 (23:59 CET)

The IGLYO Executive Board is looking to co-opt 2 new Board Members for the next two years. The Board Member’s mandate would start on January 1st 2021 and would run until October  2022.

Member Organisations are invited to submit nominations for candidates to the Board of IGLYO before 6 December 2020 by completing the form below. The list of candidates along with the nomination forms will be circulated to Board Members according to the regulations of the statutes and Motion from the AMC 2020.

Please note that this form may be used to nominate only one person to run for election to the IGLYO Board. The information requested will be used as part of the procedures related to the election of the board members and this information will be circulated to Board Members. All sections in this form must be filled out.*
*If you have specific access requirements and you require an alternative application and submission format, please contact us at  

Please note that official representative of the nominating Member Organisation must complete question 2 of this form.

For a nomination to be valid, the candidate must fit the following criteria:

- Be between 18 and 30 years old
- Be officially nominated by a Member Organisation of IGLYO
- Provide all the required information in this form.

Additionally to the above criteria we urge candidates to consider other requirements that the position of the IGLYO Board Member entails:

Ability to provide around 10 hours of work per week on average, mainly spent on communicating with the board and staff (emails, instant messages, online meetings) and undertaking activities set out in the board work plan
Ability to work in English;
Ability to travel at least once every three months, once it is safe to do so post COVID (all travel and subsistence costs will be covered),  Ability to work remotely as most of work will be carried out online.

We particularly welcome applications from intersex communities, communities of colour, trans communities (applications particulalrly welcome from trans women and trans femmes), those with disabilites and those based outside Western Europe.   

If elected to the Board of IGLYO you will get a unique opportunity to work at the forefront of LGBTQI youth and student activism internationally, work in a motivated and inspiring team, help to build capacities of our Member Organisations and young LGBTQI activists, as well as learning and growing yourself! This role will surely bring loads of good karma and give you considerable professional experience.

The role of a Board Member in IGLYO involves:

Overseeing the governance of the organisation (finances, activities and duty of care to the secretariat)
Leading and contributing to the strategic direction of the network
Being a spokesperson for LGBTQI youth across Europe
You will also have many opportunities to support and contribute to IGLYO’s activities such as:

Delivering workshops or helping with training programmes
Attending meetings and events on behalf of the organisation
Contributing to IGLYO’s advocacy work through the internal working group
Supporting campaigns and communications work 
We want to make this application as accessible as possible so if you would like us to make any arrangements in this respect let us know.

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* 1. Personal Details

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* 2. Member Organisation Nomination

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* 3. What is your motivation to become an IGLYO board member? (limit 300 words)

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* 4. Tell us about your experience in LGBTQI and/or youth activism and the specific roles you've taken on. (limit 300 words)

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* 5. Tell us about your existing knowledge and experience of IGLYO. Please include details of any IGLYO events or meetings you have attended or any other activities, such as working groups, you've been involved in.  (limit 300 words)

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* 6. Tell us about any experience you have of being on a board or similar relevant experience, such as governance, financial management, organisational development, leadership.  (limit 300 words)

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* 7. Would you like to add something to this application that we didn't ask you already? (max 100 words)