Please take the time to read all the information below before submitting your proposal. Please note: There are multiple pages to this form, and you will likely need about 15-20 minutes to complete the proposal fully.

What is a masterclass? A long-form, deep-dive session presented over 6.5 hours over two days at the start of the congress
What is the deadline for proposals? Tuesday, 28 November 2017
Any key speaker criteria? All applicants must have presented at the IFC in the past
When will I hear if my proposal has been successful? All applicants will be notified as to whether or not their masterclass proposal has been accepted by the end of January 2018.

Proven expertise. You will need to demonstrate a proven track record of experience in your chosen field, as well as great presentation skills.
New ideas or fresh takes on the basics.
Diversity. New and returning speakers; gender balance; a mix of practitioners, consultants and corporates; and speakers from different regions.
Balance. Speakers from agencies, consultancies and providers must invite a co-presenter from an NGO client who can provide a real-life case study of the ideas and theories being presented.

The theme for IFC 2018 is ‘Together we can’ — because collaboration is the one crucial, underlying element in the diverse efforts of change-makers around the globe to have a positive influence on a rapidly changing and sometimes frightening world.

We require all speakers to work the theme into their session content. The Resource Alliance team will work with speakers whose proposals are accepted to craft powerful and intriguing session descriptions that shed light on the session topic in relation to the theme.

Increased digital content
As digital plays an increasingly important role in the fundraising mix, we are encouraging all speakers to include at least one digital example in their sessions where the topic merits it.

English not your first language?
Don’t be discouraged if you’re less experienced presenting in English. We can provide additional support for you, plus we strongly welcome different voices from the around the globe!

Speakers from agencies, consultancies and providers must invite a non-profit client to provide the best balance of theory and practice of the strategies and ideas presented. Also, two speakers from the same agency may not speak together in the same session.

Promoting IFC and your session(s)
Once your proposal is accepted, it’s key that you (and we) stir up lots of excitement over your session(s). Someone from The Resource Alliance will reach out to work with you on your session promotion.